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Ballet School
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Our Team

PG Ballet School's teachers are experienced professionals that are enthusiastic about giving every dancer the opportunity to enjoy dance and socialise with their peers in a safe environment. Staff regularly update their dance and teaching skills.

Passion- Creativity - Community

With over 5 instructors, we are well staffed to nurture the proper growth and development of our students. Our teachers come to PG Ballet School to give our students the best dance education in the area. A few are even internationally trained in the UK and  Russia Our large staff offers our student-body lots of amazing options under one roof and as a result, they receive a well-rounded education and learn life skills that can be applied outside of the dance studio.

Our dance instructors and choreographers are skilled in teaching students how to master their dance technique. But they also help them build their confidence, express themselves creatively, nurture their passion, and grow into well-rounded individuals.